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Carrick Bannockburn Riesling 2020

Carrick Bannockburn Riesling 2020

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Made by the supremely talented Rosie Menzies, this certified organic riesling hits all those good spots of green apple, mandarin, honeysuckle and lashings of lime. Very nicely balanced and showing great texture and tension in the mouth, it’s a perky pick-me-up for the palate that fits pretty much every occasion you could throw at it. Chill it down to accentuate the citrus characters and elongate the flavours. 

A classic, off-dry Riesling, with notes of orange blossom and lime. Long and intense, enjoy it now or age for 10+ years – that is the beauty of Riesling.

Carrick make a total of four different Rieslings. The Bannockburn Riesling is their most “classic” in style, sitting somewhere in the middle of Josephine’s pristine fruit aromatics and lush mouthfeel, and the Dry’s lean acidity. 

5 Stars - Michael Cooper

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